We are technology enthusiast organization. Everything we do have touch and feel of tech on it and is clearly visible on all our products and services.


Inernet of Things (IoT) is latest trend in industry. Powerlime digital has come through solutions using IoT technology smartly in gadgets and devices. Our Home/office automation and sucurity products are a few examples.


We supply our products and services in a very competetive and efficient cost to our clients.


We believe in a long lasting client relationship and execute the clients' queries at top most priority.

why choose us?

Ask why not?
Our products and services are in-house developed and are technologically advanced. we have designed and developed things keeping in mind the users' ease and adoption. You don't have to be a technical expert to get copped with any of the services and products.
We posses best of the technical knowlede and so the quality of our products and services are of top-notch.

Our commitment

  • We provide services to a wide range of technological needs, from renewal energy generation, home automation and security products to information technology consulting and software development.
  • You asked for it, we will make it happen!

Let's keep in touch

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