Our Services

We work on a wide range of fields supporting every aspect of technological needs


Automation and Internet of Things (IoT)

Powered with realtime monitoring and cloud services

Revolutionize your premis with our automation products. Control your appliances from anywhere in the world with just a click on your mobile phone or Laptop connected to internet and experience the digital life like never before.

Secure your place with our various security products like smart CCTV cameras, sensors and alert alarms and keep your loved ones safe all the time. All our products are web enabled allowing you to control everything from anywhere realtime.


Solar Energy

We develope and supply various products utilizing solar energy such as Solar PV Panels, efficient inverters and long lasting Batteries.

Apparently we also install Solar PV power plant units for personal and commericial use under the Govt. of India solar energy subsidy scheme.


Software Development and IT Consultancy

Web and mobile application development

Our team includes industry experts with 8+ years of working experience in Multination companies in Bangalore and posses knowledge in vast range of IT platforms.

We promise to get your app built in latest technology with highest quality design, low cost and on time delivery. We also provide consulting service for any of your IT requirement.